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Downtowns are the lifeline of our communities. They provide the vibrancy, color and activity of the cities in which they’re located and are a direct representation of the authenticity of the residents in surrounding neighborhoods. As cities were established throughout the upper Midwest, downtown communities became a destination where residents went to eat, shop, receive professional services and gather with other residents. Main streets were always at the center of the action—and Center Avenue was the heart of downtown Moorhead.

For generations, residents came to Center Avenue to socialize, work, shop and live. Establishments such as the Moorhead Theater, clothing stores, and restaurants lined the streets of this busy destination and encouraged vibrancy throughout all seasons of the year—Center Avenue was the place to be.

Efforts are already underway to return downtown Moorhead to a development pattern that works. In recent months, the City of Moorhead approved a project to reduce Center  venue from a four-lane roadway to a three-lane section that will accommodate: vehicular traffic, parking, and alternative modes of transportation. This project is slated to be constructed in 2021.

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The redesign and reconstruction of Center Avenue is only one example of how the City of Moorhead has made great strides toward improving the downtown community. During the past five years, additional efforts have further demonstrated the City’s commitment to reinvest and reinvigorate this important neighborhood. Two years ago, on the heels of the Business Retention and Facade Improvement Programs, Downtown Moorhead Inc. (DMI) was established and demonstrated the City’s renewed effort in economic development. Recent measures, such as the 500-unit Housing goal, Economic Incentives Policy, and Opportunity Zone designation of Downtown Moorhead, have continued the precedent of visionary planning within the downtown community.

Building off all this recent momentum that DMI and the City of Moorhead have initiated, the City is well-positioned to build a Downtown Master Plan that will sew all these efforts together into a unified vision.

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